Jean-Paul & Charly Thévenet

Thévenet family has been located in Villié-Morgon, in the heart of Beaujolais for 4 generations. Since 2007, Charly Thévenet, last of the line, vinified under his own name a wine under the appellation Regnié called “Grain et Granit” made from 100 year old Gamay vines from a plot of just 3 hectares. As it is the case with the familial estate where his dad Jean-Paul continues to promote natural wines, his vines in Regnie follow organic agriculture without using any pesticides or chemical products.

In the winery, the vinification is quite simple: carbonic fermentation with natural yeasts, the wine is neither filtered nor fined and receives only a tiny quantity of sulfites. If you have his wine young, it offers an immediate pleasure of fruit, typical of Gamay but if you let it age a few years, it becomes much more complex with floral and spicy notes. His wine has a real ageing potential.

Charly also manages his fathers, Jean-Paul Thevenet, plots of Morgon, – one of the beaujolais gang has given the reins to the next generation.