Domaine du Joncier

This domaine was created in 1964 by Pierre Roussel, an agricultural engineer between Tavel and Lirac. He built the cellar in the village of Tavel in 1970. His daughter Marine Roussel – a former artist – joined him in 1989, developing the winery further.

Charmed by this terroir, by the strength of the soil and by this fabulous wine, she decided to stay and she now manages the vineyard with passion. With over 32 ha, the vineyard is located on a plateau with terraces which allows a good drainage and a good control of the temperatures.

30 ha are composed of several grape varieties for red wines and rosé : 50 % grenache, 20 % Syrah, 10 % Mourvèdre, 10 % Cinsault and 10 % Carignan. For white wines, 2 ha : Roussanne, Marsanne and Bourboulenc. Here, culture is organic and biodynamic.

Striving towards intensity and balance Domaine Joncier works with low yields (between 12 and 28 hl/ha, even though the allowed max is 40hl/ha), havesting is fully manual and there are no added yeasts.