2015 Côtes du Rhône « L’O de Joncier »

Varietals: Mainly Grenache.

Wine Region: Côtes du Rhône

Vineyard: With over 32 ha, the vineyard is located on a plateau with terraces which allows a good drainage and a good control of the temperatures. The harvest is fully manual so that the bunches of grape are sorted and preserved. It is fully destemmed in order to obtain round tannins with fine grain. They do not add yeast to let the terroir express its intenstiy. Daily pumping over and delestages allow a better and smooth extraction of the coloring matter. They also use natural yeasts. While blending, all is done to put the stress on the terroir spirit.

Vinification: Domaine Joncier works with low yields (between 12 and 28 hl/ha, even though the allowed max is 40hl/ha), havesting is fully manual and there are no added yeasts.

Alkohol: 14.%

Res. sugar: < 2 g/L