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Our goal is to discover and share good wines, to learn and to teach, harvest knowledge and pass it on as an experience. Our wines are chosen for one simple reason; we like to drink them ourselves, to savor our thirsty souls if you like. Next comes our preference to work with small producers. People who produce with the same passion as we provide - people who have a sense of place and a story to tell. It's a journey disguised as repetition that gets richer for each cycle. A great wine can be many things. What really matters, and when magic happens, is the right wine at the right moment. This is the moment where the art of the sommelier perform in full function. But surely only great wine can bring great joy. And isn’t joy really the function of wine if you bottle it down to its essence?



Weingut Haider, Burgenland

Schmelzers Weingut, Burgenland

Weingut Familie Auer, Thermenregionen

Weingut Eschenhof Holzer, Wagram

Zillinger, Weinland


Domaine du Joncier, Rhône

Jean-Paul Thévenet, Beaujolais

Charly Thévenet, Beaujolais

Domaine Duseigneur, Châteauneuf-du-Pape

Domaine M. & S. Bouchet, Loire

Domaine L´R, Loire

Peter Hahn / Le Clos de la Meslerie, Loire

Le Ballon, Pays d´Oc

Clot de l´Oum, Rousillon


Enric Soler, Peñedes

Carriel dels Vilars Negre, Pyrenees


Michel Terrien


Filipa Pato




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