Weingut Haider

Tradition might be a keyword here.

In Burgenland, nearby Neusiedlersee, a tradition of late-harvested and noble sweet wines exists. Probably the one to truly bring international recognition and attention to the potential of the Burgenland region was Alois Kracher – So young Gerhard Haider (who was out of a family of vintners dating back to 1870) thought: ‘Who better to learn from than the best?’ Probably he found the logical answer: No one. That we conclude since he got an apprenticeship at Alois Kracher. With all his newly gained knowledge he returned to the family estate and is now leading the daily production.

Famed for the late harvest and noble sweet wines Gerhard is a brightly shining, upcoming star of Austria. His talent is evident; we’re sure that many winemakers would envy a young guy who makes such astonishing wine simply led by his gutfeeling (okay, okay a lot of knowledge and skill as well, admitted!) as he descibes being one of the most important factors in the way he makes wine. “I’m more of a laid back, social guy who can’t be unsettled too easily” he says. Now that is cool and something we definitely all could learn a lesson or two from: chill out and listen to your gut-feeling! (…Well… guess it requires quiet a portion of talent to suceed that way… so maybe not for everyone anyway…). Point is: We are huge fans!