Schmelzer Weingut

George and Elisabeth Schmelzer are truly unique people. Through biodynamic winemaking their mission is to communicate the uniqueness of each vintage, the Burgenland region around beautiful Neusiedlersee, as well as the sincere gratitude and respect towards nature deeply rooted in both of them. 

We met them at the VieVinum 2016 in Vienna. By the first look we  knew  this needed to be special: A guy wearing a long monk-like robe with dirt under his nails presented, with rather limited English skills, his beautiful wines to us. He had something very powerful in his eyes; sort of a strong willpower combined with a sense that he had found a deeper truth. This guy was George. Next to him was Elisabeth – a woman with such a soothing and welcoming , happy charisma, acting as the perfect pendant to the rustic George, filling in the language gaps and relieving some of the deep seriousness one immediately sense from George, thus creating balance. 

George and Elisabeth are people who embrace the changes mother nature brings down their path. As George put it himself: “We want to represent the magic of the region around Neusiedlersee in our wines: inspired, artful, but unsophisticated. Each vintage has its charms – therefore we consider each individual bottle as unique, we pay attention to it, but also our gratitude.”

Their wines are like them: With a deep seriousness to them, yet pleasurable to drink, rustique, yet balanced and sincere to their origin.