Wine tasting

We at Sauer Wine can help with any wine tastings. We have a great knowledge of wine tastings and can fit the wine tasting to your specific requests. Being sommeliers this is something that we have done, many times, we can give an entry into the world of what different types of areas, styles, producers, grapes, terroir etc. does for a specific wine.

A few examples could be:

Wine tasting of “Old world vs new world”.

Wine tasting of “Champagne vs other sparkling wines”.

Wine tasting of different areas of: “Chardonnay vs Chardonnay”.

Wine tasting of “Old wines vs Young wines”, what does age do for a wine?

Wine tasting of (The classic) “France vs USA” (The new player).

Wine tasting of “Classic area” vs “upcoming area”, could be Sancerre vs Austrian Sauvignon Blanc.

Wine tasting of “Riesling vs Alvarinho”, 2 grapes that resemble each other.

Wine tasting of “Food and Wine match” What and why does food change wine?

Wine tasting of “Conventional wines vs natural wines” Do you want to try the different style of wines or just find out that “Natural wines” can be at least just as good as “Normal” wines.

Wine tasting of different “Soil types” what is terroir, is it only the soil? What else shows in the bottle?

Wine tasting of “Hot vs cold climate” What does a hot climate make the wine show, what does a cold climate give to the bottle?