Weingut Familie Auer

Uncle Leopold!!! 🙂

Leopold Auer has this effect on you; you can’t escape it! In the very moment you meet him you will feel like you’ve gained a bonus uncle! That is just how embracing and warmhearted Leopold is! We are sure that the rest of the family (we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting them yet) is just as great, because this quality is reflected in their wines: openhearted, generous and charming. In the mild climate of Tattendorf in the Thermenreigon (just south of Vienna) Weingut Familie Auer farms their vineyards after biodynamic methods, adding a lot of happiness to create “Charaktervolle Weine” or Wines with character if you prefer.

We met Leopold the first time after he had lectured a masterclass on the grapes of St Laurent and Pinot Noir (which also happens to be, guess what? The speciality of the Auer Family!). While we were asking some questions he passed us, noticing Ketil sending a longing look after his magnum bottle of Pinot Noir Reserve 2009 (which we had had at the masterclass; delicousness in a glass!!). He stopped, laughed from deep deep down his stomach, and without hesitation just gave us the bottle. We spoke a little and decided to try his wines again next day… then the next day we decided to bring his wine to Denmark.