Enric Soler

“Xarel-lo? Yes yes, I know that grape!! It is used for Cava!” Enric Soler is here to make you forget everything you think you know about Xarel-lo. He makes only three wines, only Xarel-lo, 7500 bottles a year, biodynamic, no intervention in the cellar. Talk about niche. But oh god! – This man is the GRANDMASTER of it!

Based in Penedes all the wines are sourced from old vines – actually Enric owns some of the oldest Xarel-lo in the world(!) and let them grow as bushwine. Inheriting vineyards from his grandfather in 2003, makes 2004 Enrics first Vintage. Enric was beforehand a championsommelier, but (sorry) we are all enormiously grateful that he has now become a true magician of Xarel-lo!

To discover something as precious and unique as the wines of Enric Soler by chance is just too unbelievable… However, that was what happened.

Nina was sitting, reading, reading, reading about wine and suddenly this name came up. A great curiousity had awoken, and so a more in-depth researh begun. Quickly we decided to get our hands on some of this, in theory, very exciting wine. So that was what happened, an when the wines arrived they did not dissapoint! In fact they were so amazing that they made us start this import company; the thought of NOT being able to share this great wine and excite the winelovers of Copenhagen was simply unbearable. After trying the wines we created Sauer Wine andimmediately wrote Enric, who was kind and generous enough to answer. Even though there was one challenge: “sorry for my bad enlglish, I’m using google translator!” he took the time. Truly amazing! Especially for a man doing such a small nicheproduction. And to be honest we thougt that he was so f****** cool just going ahead with the google translate and taking a chance on some small guys like us! Hands down! And actually.. Thank you for showing us onto the path of Sauer Wine!