Johannes Zillinger

Biodynamic by heart and upbringing. That is Johannes Zillinger.

As he puts it himslef: “BIO – not because it’s modern but because it’s the way we have been living for 30 years and working in the vineyards with a certification is very rare in Austria.” This lad knows a thing or two about biodynamics, that’s for sure!  Also when he says that we need to protect our vineyards instead of poisening them, it indeed sounds like the most logical, natural and straightforward thought, making one think: ‘well, only a person who goes full-retard would kill all life in his/her vineyards leaving them in a poor condition to the next generation’ …

Okay okay, point make clear: Johannes Zillinger rocks the biodynamics and we love it!! He’s a man not afraid to experiment with the likes of amphoras and solerasystmes and the result are wines that always carries a razorsharp precision, minerality, freshness, complexity, vibrancy and depth of outstanding character. Also (this sounds so silly, however it is true!) his labels are breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL! They truly capture the elegance of his wines making them even more memorable.

The wines are from the huge area of the Weinviertel (today’s most promising area for Organic Production due to less heavy rain fall) located north and north-east of Vienna.  To anyone thirsty that sounds just like the place to be… Weinviertel! Also it is indeed is, if ones path should cross Johannes Zillinger in Velm-Götzendorf!

Johannes himself is a bearded man with such a calm presence, taking all the time needed for each individual when we meet him at VieVinum. He explains what we should know about the wines, but in general let the wines speak for themselves (they are LOUD! in a good way). It is clear that he thinks: “It will be looooong 4 days here!” and  so it is  on such a winefestival – unbelievably many (stupid) questions, and the same questions again and again and again and again for  10 hours,  4 days  in a row, when really where you like to be is amongst your vines. Many sane beings would go bananas! However even though it might not be the most exciting scene for a vintner, Johannes really takes his time, and it is clear how much enthusiasm and effort he puts into his wine. So thanks for holding up with us to discover your beautiful wines! “