Carriel Dels Vilars

Carles is one of a kind.

You need to be to leave your fulltime dayjob, build a small stone house in Els Vilars, thus becoming the only citizen of this tiny hamlet, decide to get electricity only two years ago, grow your own food and craft natural wines sourced from a true vine-jungle growing on slate slopes.

He has a big, fat mustache and is one of the most honest persons we have ever encountered. Often when speaking with him he would say things like: “I don’t quiet understand it, because this wine is one of my least favorite, yet I just shipped 600 bottles of it, so I need to be careful what I say, people just have different likings” or go as an explanation of how he sells his wines: “I try to leave my home as little as possible, attending wine fairs as a producer make med tired”.

Long story short: he is one of the coolest persons we’ve met!

He knows his wines very well, describing how they are, preciesly how they should be served and what he thinks of them. In other words: he feeds nerds like us pure candy! We are so into it that words become insufficient!

His wines are as natural as can be: unfiltered, no sulphites or additives of any other kind, natural fermentation, a capsule closure on all bottles etc. Yet the power and intensity of them is enourmous, there is an incredible energy present in each bottle, and it is very ageable natural wine!

Must try!