Domaine L´R

Le Domaine de l’R makes Cabernet Franc. Cabernet Franc only. The Domaine spreads on a vast gravely plain on the right bank of the Vienne river, in the hearth of the appellation Chinon. He makes The winegrower, Frédéric Sigonneau returned after a knowledgehunt in Spain to Touraine in 2004 and founded his estate in 2007 on the remainings of the family estate situated in Cravant les Coteaux. From the really beginning he decided to convert the estate to organic farming.

The harvests are done by hand and the grapes carried in small crates. At the cellar the loading is done by gravity, pumping over are short and the yeasts indigenous.

The result? Juicy yet complicated and serious Cab Franc, with great gullabilty and lots of soul!